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Nov 19, 2008 at 02:02 PM

Problem setting Column Preferences



I'm trying to set the ColumnPreferences for some UDFs in the BP master data. I'm using the example in the help file (UpdateColumnPreferences()) but I'm setting the EditableInForm to tNO for some fields instead of the width. After I have performed the UpdateColumnPreferences I get them again and can see that my new settings are set as supposed. I can also see that the values are stored in the table CPRF.

But it doesn't work in the form! It works only if I use the Tools->Userdefined Fields->Settings and click the Active checkbox for a field.

I've tried to login again but it doesn't help. And a funny thing, when logging out the values in CPRF reverts back to its inital settings!

Is there anyone out there that got this to work?


Lars Jönson