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Nov 19, 2008 at 01:46 PM

F4 on LIFNR fails to capture the values in SELECT statement


Hi all,

In the last 3 days Ive faced two issues on F4 Helps and its freaking me out.

The first issue I chose to ignore because of time-constraints and able to find a work-around.

On the second issue Ive hit a brick-wall.

Anyways here are my two issues.

Issue I:

I developed a custom report and in that Ive defined a selection-field(among half a dozen others) as follows:

select-options: s_matnr for ekpo-matnr.

On execution when I press F4 on matnr field I get the standard F4 Help. And then when i select the Material I want and hit Enter, the selected value fails to reflect in the Input Screen field. I continues to show blank as if Ive not selected anything. Not surprisingly the Report output was fetching the undesired results.

Later I changed the declared to:

select-options: s_matnr for mara-matnr.

And it worked. However because of time constraints I did not dwelve into it anymore.

This bring me to the Issue II:

For a different Custom Report Ive defined Select_Options on LIFNR as follows:

select-options: s_lifnr for lfa1-lifnr.

Now the issue I face here is slighly different.

On hitting F4 on the LIFNR field Im getting the standard F4 Help, and on selection Im getting the desired Vendor Number on the input screen.

But the problem is while executing the report its not fetching me the records relevant to the selected LIFNR. In debugging it does show me that LIFNR contains the value but surprisingly its not returning any values to the Internal Table.

Im out of ideas at this point of time, trying to figure out whats wrong.

Any ideas on what could be wrong??


PS: Im not using any function modules for the F4 help. Just the straight-forward Standard F4 functionality.