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Nov 19, 2008 at 01:13 PM

Supplier Regn, Product and Vendor Hierarchy


Hi All,

1. We need to add few customized fields in supplier registration form. I could not locate any BADI where in such customized fields can be added. Can the customized fields be added in the Supplier registration form?

2. We need to build a Product Hierarchy and Vendor Hierarchy. I created the Vendor Hierarchy thru BPH and assigned Vendors to the nodes. I cannot move vendors between the 2 different nodes using Drag and Drop Features. Can anybody help to use this feature of Drag and Drop? Any help on this regard would be appreciated and awarded. Similarly have created 2 level of material Hierarchy thru COMM_HIERARCHY but cannot assign the final material codes to the hierarchy nodes. Can some details out the steps please.

3. Can I use the above Product Hierarchy in my supplier registration form too?