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Former Member
Nov 19, 2008 at 12:51 PM

Wrong Itemcode



I am facing a problem of importing incorrect or missing itemcodes into sales quotation form.

I often get requests for quotations with incorrect itemcodes. Since the number of items often run into hundreds for every quotation, it becomes impossible to make sure that the correct itemcode is fed into the quotation form everytime. I only wish to correct them when I prepare the Sales order, not otherwise.

Is it possible to import Itemcodes that dont match the items in the Item Master? Is there any way to circumvent this problem? Only 1 in every 10 quotations make it to the Sales Order stage, therefore, it is not important for the itemcodes to match perfectly all the time.

I need this because I am using the Quotation form as an enquiry form, therefore, some of the parts are either wrong or do not exist in the database, but I want to capture all the information regardless. Never mind that the Sales Quotation generated will also have the same wrong/missing itemcodes in it.