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How to create Forecast for consumables

Nov 04, 2016 at 09:35 AM


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Dear all,

in our current SAP CRM 7.0 we want to bring the Consumable Business into the sales funnel using Pipeline Performance Management. This business is different from our device opportnity what we are currently using.

In the consumable business sector we have a kind of agreement with the customer that for example he is planning to order 2500 pieces of a consumable per Fiscal year. These amount of Piece we have to bring into th funnel and match every month to the revenues, means compare what was planned to order and what was really ordered. This is not possible with the standard business transaction type opportunity.

Is there another tranction type we can use which fullfill our requirements? Or do we have to develop this?

Looking forward to your help

Best regards

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2 Answers

Spencer Liang
Nov 08, 2016 at 11:34 PM


You may use quantity contract. In QC's item block, you can find target quantity and released quantity.

1, you may consider target quantity as planned order. But I do not what exactly you mean about planned quantity.

2, you may consider released quantity as what was really order. Give you an example and you will understand it.

You are about sell 100 computers to SAP and you create a QC with item quantity 100.

target quantity is set to 100.

then you create follow up sales order with 5 sets.

Once this sales order is confirmed by customer and released in CRM, the released quantity in QC is updated to 5.

Once you create and release another followup sales order with 11 sets, the released quantity in QC is updated to 16.

You may use quotation to replace QC too.


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Former Member Nov 09, 2016 at 02:42 AM

Hi Spencer,

thanks for your answere. This is very helpful for us.

But as far as i understood, this transaction type (quantity contract) is not working with the standard Pipeline Perfomance Management in CRM, right?

We use currently CRM Opportunity and the Pipeline Perfomance Management to handle our Forecast Funnel. If the Quantity Contract is working with PPM, this would fullfil our requirement.

Our Current Process

CRM Lead -> CRM Opportunity (responsible for Funnel Forecast) -> CRM Quoation -> ERP Order

Looking foward for your answere

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