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Former Member
Nov 19, 2008 at 10:52 AM

SP14 Style Problem on Filter Screen



SP14 has recently been installed on our NW2004s system, with a couple of style bugs that I am trying to fix.

The first error had to do with colour changes in the analysis item, which I have fixed by updating the relevant values in the stylesheet.

The biggest problem now is in the filter selection screen, and in particular when selecting a filter on the key figures. Our key figure headings all span 3 lines, however there seems to be hardcoded HTML in the filter screen which sets the cells to "height = 21px".

I can use the IE Developer Toolbar to change the generated HTML, and if I change that style attribute in the TD to something like height = 100%, then the cell displays the content correctly. With the 21px limit, I only see the 1st line of the heading, and not the entire contents, which makes it almost impossible to select the correct headings.

Does anyone know how the HTML is generated, and if there is some place I can go to modify that value?

Alternately, are there other solutions out there?

Here is the HTML that I get from the filter popup window:

<td id="SELECTOR_mainctrl_singleValue_memberListControl_table_ruid9" 
               class="urSTTD urSTTDBdr2 urCursorClickable urSTSStd" 
	<span id="SELECTOR_mainctrl_singleValue_memberListControl_unid4_tv" 
                  class="urTxtStd" style="white-space:nowrap;">