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Availability Check : not confirmed Quantity for partial stock

May 11 at 08:56 AM


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Hi team,

I'm facing the following issue while trying to confirm sales order qty with V_V2 tcode:

Sales order 1

Material: X - 24pc (18pc in stock)

Material Y - 12pc (9pc in stock)

Executing V_V2 for material X, the result is 0 quantity confirmed by the system, 18 pc in stock is not considered. Testing with 18pc quantity in the sales order the confirmation is well performed and all pc are confirmed.

Executing V_V2 for material Y, the result is 9 quantity confirmed by the system (customer requirement)

Could you please help me to understand what triggers different system behavior for two materials and why?

Additional checks performed:

ATP checking group/rule: same

Item category: same

Many thanks in advance,



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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
May 11 at 09:13 AM

What is the result if you do availability check via VA02? Also did you compare MRP views of both the master data ?

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Former Member

Hi, thank you for quick reply.

MRP data in both material are pretty the same, the only part different are the quantity of safety stock and reorder point.

are these data somehow involved in this process?

Additionally ATP in VA02 seems doesn't execute any check, it returns the message that has been carried out but the qty is still not confirmed (both items).