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How can you override a confirmed quantity on a sales order above its allocation limit?

I have a requirement where I am determining product allocation for a customer and a material. An example for the way it is set up is as follows:

Material: 1234

  • Week: 1 -> Allocation = 10 cs
  • Week: 2 -> Allocation = 10 cs
  • Week: 3 -> Allocation = 10 cs
  • Week: 4 -> Allocation = 10 cs

The Product allocation determination procedure that material 1234 has assigned in the material master is NOT collective it uses DISCRETE.

The challenge we are facing is that if the customer does not order any product for Week 1, he/she is entitled to 20 in week 2. However, if they order say 15 for Week 2, SAP ATP check will ONLY confirm the max allocation of 10. The remaining 5 cases will be added to additional schedule lines. We want to be able to confirm the full 20 cases for Week 2.

We see 2 possible options and are unsure of the feasibility for either.

  1. Somehow switch the material to be recognized at a collective allocation procedure via a BADI/Exit/Enhancement allowing the ATP check to use the prior week’s allocation (in this case 10).
  2. Via a BADI/Exit/Enhancement, allow our program to override the Week 2's 10 cases maximum and have it confirm the full 20 (we already have code that calculates this but are being restricted by SAP functionality). Also, on credit release, we would need to do a similar thing as it also does an ATP using the same discrete allocation procedure. We found user exit USEREXIT_AVAIL_CHECK_CREDIT(MV45AFZF) which we feel we can use to help with this.

Are either of these ideas feasible for what we are trying to do? Currently, we only have one product allocation method in place and would prefer to not have to create another and/or maintain this against multiple materials but any suggestions as to how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

Kyle Suggs

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