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Nov 19, 2008 at 07:59 AM

how to do away with the amount field in product


Hi all

i have a requirement that while, creating Lead i do not want the amount information to be fed while entring product but right now the system is giving the error that give the info for amount .

moreover i have two kind of products which i have classified as under

1. Branch product

2. Hub product

do not go by the name ,this is just the criteria

so two roles i have created to control the nature of products to be added in lead,like branch product added in branch transaction and like wise with Hub products,so that it doesn happend in opposite way i.e no hub products in branch transaction and vice versa

now in branch products this amount error doesn come even if i don give amount in product window but in hub transaction the error is coming

so what i am intrested in is "is there any setting that i need to do to make this amount info unecessary so that system doesn prompt me to give this info and lead is created w/t error

please advise how can i do this

best regards