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May 10, 2018 at 05:09 PM

Payment advice with number 01********** is pulling invoices which were already cleared


Hello experts,

We have one payment advice which is getting linked to already cleared invoices.

The check number is the same for both the payments (Feb and may 2018) that we have received till date for this customer and pre-processing logic did not clear automatically so we went ahead and cleared it manually (both). As the check number is same for both the payments, the payment advices for both checks got generated with the same number.

Since the Feb month's payment advice did not get closed due to some issue, the check that we received in May month also got included in Feb month's payment advice.

Is there a way to delete feb month's payment advice / block individual payment advices so that we do not have unwanted payment advices since the previous check (feb) already got applied. Please suggest asap as this is a burning issue.