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BO4 C drive space - space consumption growing and removing old install files


We are using bo4 sp08 and plan to update to bo 4.2 sp05 in near future.

Noticed, space on the C drive is fairly limited.

We can look to remove extracted files/install files (folders with setup.exe, rar files etc) from this drive which used to install base install and subsequent service packs.

Will backup these files to another machine but believe once installed but believe such folders safe to remove

General workflow is - We copy these onto C drive into say folder c:\<bo4_files_for_path_update> and run the setup.exe

It then installs automatically into say c:\<bo4_install_path> - never asks so assume picks this automatically based on where base install was initially installed to.

We will keep c:\<bo4_install_path>.

However, noticed also space gradually decreasing on C drive - Our filestore isn’t on C, logging folder small and housekept automatically and platform search hasn’t much data, tomcat cache cleared +sias stopped/started daily do should can discount java using c drive thus not sure if anything else from business objects point of view.

Any thoughts on above if anything else from business objects point of view. be consuming space


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3 Answers

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    May 10, 2018 at 02:37 PM

    You can delete the install media you used for the install, but do NOT delete anything under the SAP BusinessObject Enterprise ... folder.

    Other things that may be taking up space on the drive include Windows update install files (like the install files you can delete from C:) and temp files. You may have to check with the folks who manage your servers for this.

    One other place to check for things that can be deleted:

    1. Log in to the server as the user who installed the original system/updates.

    2. Go to the User folder for this user.

    3. Unhide any files/folders within that folder. We specifically need the "AppData" folder which is hidden here.

    4. Go to AppData >> Local >> Temp.

    5. Look for any folders that start with "RAR" and delete them. This is where the zipped up installs are unzipped to when you're not given an option for where to put them. You may also be able to delete any temp files from here that are over 30 days old - Windows won't let you delete anything that's actively in use, but anything else should delete without any issues.


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  • May 10, 2018 at 02:21 PM

    Tip 1 - never install enterprise software on C
    tip 2 - run drive space monitoring software that shows which dir has how much space occupied regularly and compare results, so you know what grows where.
    tip 3 - never manually change anything in BOE installsdata dirs. If you need to free up space there - use uninstall option.

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  • May 10, 2018 at 02:22 PM

    I'd suggest following these steps defined in this blog. This is the only way I've successfully cleaned up space on a BI server.

    I've used this multiple times, the only thing not mentioned in this blog is after I perform these steps, I then download the free version of CCleaner and run it several times against the registry until all errors are cleared.

    You'll also have to manually delete the SIA service, browse in services.msc to get the service name and delete it with a command in cmd.

    Then do a fresh install of 4.2 SP05.

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    • Thanks for suggestion - plan is to run patch update as don't want to touch the folder where business objects originally installed to - by removing old install media files (after backing up) should have enough space.