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Nov 18, 2008 at 09:59 PM

Activation Error - Check integrate privileges for user "NWDI_CMSADM"



We have installed NWDI and we are customizing webdynpro ESS applications.

We used the template installer and did not modify any standard settings while installing NWDI.

We have created the track and defined runtime systems. We are able to import the DCs into NWDS and create projects.

I made a few changes in one of the application, and was able to check in the changes.

However, the activation of the changes fails.

The CBS build log says that "Build finished with WARNING".

However, The Request log says;



Integration of activities in compartment "sap.com_SAP_ESS_1" started at 2008-11-18 21:23:20.852 GMT

Integration of 1 activities in compartment "sap.com_SAP_ESS_1" finished at 2008-11-18 21:23:20.942 GMT and took 90 ms

An incomplete integration in compartment "sap.com_SAP_ESS_1" of buildspace "HSY_ESSSP12M_D" has resulted because of errors during request processing!

Request 3185 has been created to re-initialize the compartment

===== Post-Processing ===== finished at 2008-11-18 21:23:20.952 GMT and took 1 s 857 ms

Change request state from SUCCEEDED to FAILED

Error! The following problem(s) occurred during request processing:

Error! Communication error when performing integrations. Integration failed with status FORBIDDEN. Check integrate privileges for user "NWDI_CMSADM" in repository "/dtr/" []. Request FAILED.

REQUEST PROCESSING finished at 2008-11-18 21:23:20.956 GMT and took 23 s 315 ms

I went through the documentation "How to setup NWDI permissions and roles" but could not figure out what's missing.

The user NWDI_CMSADM was created automatically while running the template installer. We are using this user in the track domain data.

I believe all the default authorizations should be in place for this user.

I guess my question is what exact authorization is missing for this user?

We would like to keep the permissions and authorizations simple and don't want to deal with adjusting the DTR privileges in NWDS via

the DTR perspective - Repository Browser.......

Please advise....

Thank You,