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Former Member
Nov 18, 2008 at 08:44 PM

AE 5.2 remote risk analysis with CC 520_640



Can anyone please tell me if this scenario is possible.

AE to do risk analysis in remote system by using CC rules defined in a central system.

Eg. ECC system has mitigation rules defined for HR. ECC also has rules defined for Finance, MM etc

AE 5.2 will connect to the CC (ECC system) when processing a request and check the HR rules for the

roles in AE to do a remote risk analysis before provisioning the access in HR box.

ECC box has CC 520_640 - ECC 5.0

HR box has CC 520_700 - ECC 6.0

Is this possible at all? CC configuration parameters are enabled and defined to do a remote analysis.

Risk analysis shows risks when a remote analysis is done in CC. But AE risk analysis shows no risks.