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Nov 18, 2008 at 06:10 PM

Groupware CRM 4.0: Deactivate exchange server scan using userlist.xml



we're running CRM 4.0 and use the server-side groupware integration to publish CRM contact persons to MS outlook private folder.

In the GW connector installation directory a file "userlist.xml" resists. According note 983436 this file contains all mail addresses where the corresponding mailboxes should be scanned for any updates for sending them to CRM.

Since we only use unidirectional data transfer from CRM to exchange and do not want to transfer any changes from exchange to CRM, is it possible to deactivate the scanning for changes using userlist.xml? I deleted the file, however, it's getting rebuild automatically.

In the admin tool of the GW connector, I've already checked all checkboxes in the proxy settings labelled with "Do not replicate changes in...".

Thanks & regards