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How to delete selected rows in design studio/integrated planning spreadsheet?

May 09 at 11:21 AM


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For Integrated planning functions we are using design studio web applications as front end. In Design Studio we use Spreadsheet component for layouts. Can I delete only selected, filtered rows? (I know that I can enter 0s, but I am asking for deletion with button). In BPS Excel layouts there was such option to delete only 1 or several selected rows with a button.

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2 Answers

Andrey Uryukin May 10 at 08:40 AM


In principle I think you can catch programmatically in DS what row was selected.

Then pass (again programmatically in DS) the values to planning sequence (filling filter values) and either set 0 to KF and in BEX supperss zeros, or use delete physically data from DSO (if infoprovider is DSO).


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Gregor Dieckmann
May 11 at 07:44 AM

Hi Maria,

as Andrey suggested, there is no build-in 'delete row' functionality in DS (or also not in Web Templates, BEx Analyzer and Analysis Office), so one has to use the planning function approach.

There is one point that deserves to be mentioned in comparison with BPS:

In BPS a 'zero record' (all key figures are zero) was treated as non-existing (it was filtered already in the planning buffer), but this is not the case in BW. The query feature 'zero suppression' can be used to filter 'zero records' but this functions depends on the used client, i.e. DS, Web Templates and AO do this in the client level (I simplify a little), but the 'duplicate row' check is done on the server. As a result, a zero record not visible (filtered in the client) might lead to a duplicate record error when entered again.

In addition, check note 1126478 about a 'zero suppression' setting that might be relevant for your scenario.



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