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Nov 18, 2008 at 02:19 PM

Usage of DC A's model from DC B


It is recommended to put a web dynpro's model in a seperate DC. In order to do so I have tried the following steps:

1. Created DC A

2. Created a model in DC A (based on adaptive RFC)

3. Added the model to a Public part, by right clicking on the new model and clicking on 'add to public part'

4. Created DC B

5. Added the public part of DC A as used DC (under DC Metadata, DC Definition, Used DCs).

6. Created a new webdynpro component

7. Tried to use the model of DC A, by right-clicking used-components under the web dynpro component that I just created.

In step 7, I expected to see selection box containing the DC A's model. However, my selection box is empty.

Can anyone explain what I did wrong, or why I shouldn't expect the model to be in that selection box? Is it possible to reference to another DCs model in the first place?