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Multiple part number for the same material

May 09 at 07:48 AM


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Dear All,

My client has the following business scenario:

A vendor is supplying a ‘Ink Cartridge’ with a part number. For ex: Material – 100001 with part number 123-1A. After certain period, due to change in the quality of Ink, vendor has changed the part number as 123-1B and supplies. System should be able to store this part numbers for the material -100001 as part number versions.

When client orders for material 100001-‘Ink Cartridge’, for ex:100 EA. Vendor can supply any ‘Part number versions’. System should allow to make the goods receipt with any part number.

For ex: 50EA - 123-1A, 30EA - 123-1B, 20EA - 123-1D

Since the any part number of 'Ink cartridge' fits to the printer, client does not care about 'Ink quality' and accepts any part numbers. Also, client doesn't want to create different material numbers as they order for 'Ink cartridge' not by part numbers.

But, Stock should show for different ‘Part numbers versions’.

How to maintain these 'versions of part number' for a material and check the stock at version level?



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Jürgen L May 09 at 07:56 AM

The vendors material number has nothing to do with your stock report.

If you need to separate materials in a stock report then you either have to use different material numbers or batch management.

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