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can open locally saved 4.1 Webi report in 4.2?

May 11 at 04:48 PM


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We are planning to update our BusinessObjects from 4.1 SP4 to 4.2 SP5. We have few users who saved their Webi reports locally on their machines. Will these users able to open these locally saved reports in 4.2 SP5 webi rich client and save it on the server after update?

Could anyone please let me know if it is possible to open/save these locally saved reports (4.1 SP4) in the new environment (4.2 SP5)?

I appreciate the help.


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2 Answers

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Denis Konovalov
May 11 at 05:34 PM

yes, it should work, why wouldn't it ?
provided you will upgrade local clients as well.

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I'm little confused now. I'm also getting the same error.

capture1.png (56.6 kB)
capture3.png (9.3 kB)

maybe they need to open WRC in local ode without logon to BOE first ?
Or the local docs were saved with security and belong to old cluster ?


Hi Denis,

Now, I'm able to run the 4.1 webi report (locally saved) in 4.2 rich client. You were right, the above mentioned error is because of security.

Thank you so much.

Jyothirmayee A May 11 at 05:43 PM


Yes, they should be able to save reports to previous versions to 4.2. Just that it is not a best practice to save WebI reports on desktop.

Sometimes reports get corrupted, lose formatting features after migrating from older versions. Best option is to save in BI Launchpad atleast in their favorites or create their folders within Public folders. that way, if get corrupted, will have option to get backup file.



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