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May 11, 2018 at 03:17 PM

Creating a new Journal Entry in BPF


Hi folks,

We're having an issue saving a new Journal Entry in BPC (v10.0 NW). Specifically when a user tries to create a new JE through a hyperlink in a BPF we've set up.

The 'Create a new journal' hyperlink in the BPF is set up as follows:

You can see that the dimension selections are all based on context.

So when this hyperlink is selected by the user to create a new journal, the default selections for the dimensions is based on the context, but the user changes the selections as needed. Using Audit Trail as an example, the context happens to be a parent and the user drills down to select a base level Audit Trail.

However, when the user tries to save the JE, it comes back with an error as if it's trying to save to that parent Audit Trail that the user would have changed.

So my question would be why would the system still think the user is trying to save the JE based on original context, not what they changed it to?

Thanks in advance.


createjebpf.png (57.6 kB)
errorjebpf.png (11.3 kB)