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How works a fourth parameter of EPMCopyRange function

Hi Experts,

i'm using a EPM Function EPMCopyRange for adding formula to range in report. In EPM Plug-in User Guide I found a description of function parameters. Fourth parameter specified if all content types are added to the report data. To copy all content types we should write TRUE. Otherwise, FALSE.

When I setting up the EPMCopyRange function I see the description of it via Excel pop-up window:

There I see only TRUE option. Nothing about FALSE or Empty. But I assume it should work as described in User Guide. When I try to Copy from SourceRange to range only formula without any cell formatting (I enter FALSE) I've got nothing. It still works like I entered TRUE option. Example:

EPMCopyRange filled data range of report by formula =1+1. You can see the result below:

While cell A7 has no fill or any other format the result of EPMCopyRange are expectable. Let's add a green color to cell background. Fourth parameter still TRUE (should copy all content types):

Ok then let's try to clear background and enter FALSE option to fourth parameter of EPMCopyRange function:

Then add orange color to cell background and will check the result. I assumed in that case function should copy only formula without cell color. But I've got the same result - data range filled up by orange color:

The question is - may I copy only formula without any cell formatting or "all content types" meaning cell format, formulas, texts in cell - everything in source range cell?

And one more - as you see in example I don't understand how works other options in fourth parameter (false and empty) - could you be so kind and explain it?

Thank you.

MS Excel 32-bit.

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    May 11, 2018 at 08:32 PM

    To my mind it works like this:

    1. Cell format is always copied!

    2. If TRUE - data value is copied (data value can be a number or text - not a formula!), FALSE - data value is not copied.

    3. Formula is always copied

    4. False is equivalent to Empty

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