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May 11, 2018 at 07:20 AM

MRP Proposals considering rounding value and the qty above the MOQ


Hi Experts,

I have scenario where I have to create the MRP Proposals in the below mentioned way,

Proposals generated as per MRP, the 1st PR should consider MOQ and the qty above the MOQ should take only the net required qty, and the qty less than moq than it shud take MOQ.

Example: MRP view settings

Procurement type=F

Mat Type= ROH

Rounding Value = 50

Lot Sizing Procedure=EX


Rounding Val=50

Results of MRP should be

Purchase Req #1=50

Purchase Req #2=50

Purchase Req #3=40, means I shoudl get the the first two PRs as per the rounding value but the last PR should be the of the net qty required.

Please help me out.Best Regards