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Nov 18, 2008 at 07:00 AM

Ess Customization by NWDS


Hello all,

I have two question.

1. i have to customize the ESS web dynpro application e.g. Address Screen for USA and SAUDI. we have to add the date field "Hijra Date" and "Hijra Age" from the Backend for saudi and have to add some fields on USA as well. How may i do it give step by procedure for importing it into nwds then how it will reflect back.

2.i know that first i have to import these application in NWDS threw NWDI. but if i will import it and change it here then how will it reflect back and if i change it then then original will get removed or not .

3. Can we create the 2 copies of a single component like "Address". What can be the right approach to maintain the screens for US and SAUDI, can we hide some fields from the particular screen of US or SAUDI at run time. And if we can, How ?