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Nov 18, 2008 at 05:14 AM

Tax Issue


I have defined tax codes using FTXP,,, like, A0 ,A1, A2 . Then i have created condition record for these tax code using condition type ZIVP, ZIVC. using FV11.

Now i am trying to create condition record in SD for JIVC and JIVP condition type using VK11, where i want the condition value to be picked up on the basis of the TAX code in FTXP. As i tried system is not picking up the tax code value which is defined in FV11 for condition type ZIVP ZIVC.

Can any one help me out with the problem And tell me about whether the system will pick up the auto matic values from the tax code condition records into Vk11(Create condiiton). Or i need to again maintain the Manual entries for the same.