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SAP HANA XSA SPS03: Creating new app without username

May 10 at 10:31 AM


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Has there something changed with technical name of the new created apps.

In the past I could see which app was created by which user. This was very easy to see who is responsible for which app. Now is all that very anonym and bad to maintain.

Or do I have to change the config to get this feature back?

i.e. new since SPS03 qip3qS6Nx0dvyDkJ-NewSPS03-js

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Thomas Jung
May 10 at 12:19 PM

Yes the temporary run version from the Web IDE did change its name generation. The generated name was shortened to avoid problems where the max length of the service name was hit. The new structure still remains unique. This only impacts the running from the Web IDE not the deployment name.

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And its even more pity, because also the js and web ids are different to each other.

Thomas, I do have also another question.

Unfortunately I was deleting one of our productive apps (js and web) on the dev system. After that I was deploying them again. The hdi is still the same, but the IDs for the js and web app are now different. Now I'm afraid that I can't deploy it in the old productiv project. :(


I'm not sure what you mean. By deploy do you mean run from the Web IDE or actually deploy via MTAR. What exactly is your concern?


Thanks for your fast response!

"By deploy do you mean run from the Web IDE" --> Yes. I mean the deployment to the DEV System.


Before deleting: name-xxx-js, name-xxx-web

After deleting and building it again: zwefafafa-js, asffaffds-web

If I want now create a MTAR file and deploy it to the PROD System, does it will affect and cause issue while deploying/updating in the old known project in Prod System. Or is it doesn't matter, because this MTAR (WebIDE) has nothing to do with the js and web app changes on the DEV space.


>If I want now create a MTAR file and deploy it to the PROD System

A "real" deployment via MTAR file will not use the same naming schemes as running/building from the Web IDE and won't overlap with those names. And certainly deployment into different spaces have nothing to do with one another.


Good to know! Thank you really much!