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Nov 17, 2008 at 10:02 PM



Hello i needed some help on ABT1n

Currently ABT1n is posting the entry in the following way when i do a transfer without revenue

CC GL Amount

1000 1800100( cost) 4000

1000 1810100( dep) 95.24

1000 8020100 (Gain/Loss Account) 3904.76

1010 1800130(cost) 4000

1010 1810130(dep) 95.24

1010 1810130(Intercompany 3904.76

clearing account)

we have a problem with line item 3. instead of it hitting the gain/loss account, it should hit the intercompany clearing account. I can change the config but this affects our retirement by scrapping and i dont want that to hit the intercopmany clearing account.