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Nov 17, 2008 at 07:49 PM

Scheduling issue



We have a BOXI Webi report Name "BOREPORT" with two Parameters 'A' and 'B'. A Java application sends request to Business object to schedule report with specfied parameters and FTP to a particular location with a unique name. Average run time of a report is 30-40 seconds and Java application sends around 1400 such request every day.For each scheduled report Business Object create an instance in frs with name <reportname>-<report end time>. From FRS a job server change the name of report to send on FTP location


Java application scheduled "BOREPORT" two times each instance having different parameter. Difference in submitting request for scheduling was 1 sec i.e one schdule created at 11-nov-2008 05:12:23 AM and another (11-nov-2008 05:12:24 AM. Somehow both ended at the same time(11-nov-2008 05:13:13 AM). Business Object created the instance for each schedule in frs/output using convention <report name >-<end time>. As both the scheduled instance were for "BOREPORT" and end time was same for both 11-nov-2008 05:13:13 AM) first instance file got replaced by second instance file.


Can we change the way by which BO creates the Instance name like include some more information parameters and all in name so that it does not overwrite the reports ending with the same name ?


is there any way we can include the millisecond level information in instance name ?


any other suggestion ?