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cm01 required capacity of process orders- fm

May 10 at 05:57 AM


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Hello all,

we are developing one zreport in which we need to show the required capacity hrs for particular month for our process orders which is same like shown in cm01 tcode for individual work centers. could you please help with required fm or any other method to get the same. appreciate prompt response.

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2 Answers

Jessica Li
May 11 at 12:46 AM

Hi Raju,

You can execute a RUNTIME trace in SE30 for CM01 and analyze which FM or program can be used for your report.

Best regards,

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raju 123 May 14 at 07:11 AM

Hi Jessica, since i could not find FM for required capacity, started finding the table level logic for the same.

i got KAPID from CRHD table, passed this KAPID to KBED table, now i have KBED entries. could not identify which fields i should take in order to calculate the number hours required for capacity. could you advise what logic should be used in KBED table to calculate the required capacity? thanks.

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Hi Raju,

For production orders, operations always has 3 segments: Setup, Processing, Teardown. And for each segment, there are 2 fields: scheduled capacity requirement and remaining capacity requirement. Thus there are 6 fields in KBED. To calculate the current requirement, please consider the remaining capacity requirement fields.

KRUESOLL Scheduled Capacity Requirements for Setup

KRUEREST Remaining Capacity Requirements for Setup <<<<

KBEASOLL Scheduled Capacity Requirements for Processing

KBEAREST Remaining Capacity Requirements for Processing <<<<<

KABRSOLL Scheduled Capacity Requirements for the Teardown

KABRREST Remaining Capacity Requirements for Teardown <<<<