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Nov 17, 2008 at 05:21 PM

How do I remove markers in a line-format series in a side-by-side bar graph


I have fairly simple report that is formatted as a side-by-side bar chart. I need one series to be formatted as a line, which I have done; however, the line always appears with markers at each data point. I want the markers gone. I've tried myriad combinations of settings and options, but nothing makes the evil marker go away.

The frustrating thing is that I have another Crystal report from a different project that behaves precisely this way, but duplicating the settings from that report in this new report does not turn off the, I know it must be possible, but darned if I've been able to figure out the magic words to make it happen. I even tried copying that report and changing the datasource to my own, but that removes the "good" report, and forces me to recreate the chart - and that puts me right back where I started, with markers on the series formatted as a line.

I figure there must be a way to format that series as a line and eliminate the markers.

CR version

Any ideas or suggestions welcome.