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Web IDE Trial code completion problem

May 09 at 06:11 PM


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Hello, I am trying to learn SAPUI5 in Web IDE Trial, but there is some problem i couldn't solve with different devices,networks and browsers. I want to use code completion with ctrl + space but white bar with preloader keeps animating without a result. I have checked javascript console and there is an error like below, also uploaded entire console log. There are some addons but i don't think it is the problem, because i have downloaded fresh new browser without any addon and got same error everytime i press ctrl + space.

CodeAssistanceEsprimaWorker.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token : in JSON at position 3
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at templates.js:131
    at String.replace (<anonymous>)
    at LibraryTemplate._parse (templates.js:124)
    at new LibraryTemplate (LibraryTemplateContentAssist.js:77)
    at LibraryTemplateContentAssistProvider.addTemplates (LibraryTemplateContentAssist.js:105)
    at _initLibrary (CodeAssistanceEsprimaWorker.js:252)
    at _setContext (CodeAssistanceEsprimaWorker.js:290)
    at dispatch (CodeAssistanceEsprimaWorker.js:72)

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2 Answers

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Former Member May 11 at 12:06 PM

Switched back to SAPUI5 library to 1.52 in project settings and problem is solved. Seems like 1.54 has this bug.

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Shahar Harari
May 15 at 01:11 PM

Hi Sercan,

This issue should be fixed now.


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