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Auto QM01 (internal notification) creation with co11n confirmation of yield with a variance?

May 11 at 10:04 PM


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Is it possible to automate the creation of an internal notification (tcode: QM01) when production yields contain a scrap amount?co11n.jpg

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Caetano Almeida
May 14 at 06:28 PM

Hi Claire

In the customizing transaction OPK0 you can add a new subscreen for your confirmation profile that will allow users to create quality notification, but it will be a manual creation.

If you need it to happen automatically, then you need to think about a custom development.



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Thank you Caetano. I suppose I have a follow up question.... Our co11n confirmation data is populated automatically from another software. The information is coming from what an operator fills out on a shopfloor scheduler. Basically how many pieces confirmed, scrapped, and a scrap code. If the input fields could be customized to include a few more pieces of information to create a quality notification, I think it could be done using the same channels. I'm not an IT person, I don't know how API's work or any of that stuff. Could you provide a screen shot of what the screen would look like to include a notification with the co11n transaction?


Hi Claire

Please find attached a screenshot of CO11N with the sub-screen for posting confirmations.

If your confirmation is posted through a BAPI, which is the most common way to post confirmations from external systems, then you can ask your ABAP developer to add an additional call to BAPI_QUALNOT_CREATE, in order to create quality notifications in case of scrap.

capture.png (41.9 kB)