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Cost center element type 11

May 09 at 04:34 PM


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I need your advice plz

Recenetly, we have uses cost element center 11 for specific cases ( sales) and i discovered that all these revenus are considereed as statistics ones.

when i run transaction KB11N, i have a message that i have to check for cost center element .

any idea how to correct or change cost center element type.


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3 Answers

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Brian Householder May 09 at 06:37 PM

You can use cost element type 11 for all Revenue postings (type 12 is a reduction of revenue) and the system will ask for a "real cost accounting assignment". This can be a WBS element in a project or even a revenue bearing internal order. However there is one way to "trick" the system into think Profit Center is an actual object (yes, I know that technically the posting is statistica, but this approach usually meets the business requirement).

If you post a type 11 cost element directly to a profit center, you may receive an error message such as KI166 "Enter a true account assignment object with revenues". You can change this message from an "Error" and switch off the message. (IMG>Financial Accounting (New)>Financial Accounting Global Settings (New)>Tools>Change Message Control)

Now from a system perspective, a cost center are assigned to a profit center, which will capture expenses/costs and reflect the posting on the profit center. Revenue is booked directly to the profit center. This allows you to report (depending on your Profit Center structure) the contribution (Revenue - Costs) by a business line, etc.

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MaDhU ReDdY May 09 at 06:43 PM


CE category 11 postings on Cost center will be statistical as per standard design. KB11N is for Primary costs, so this will not work. You can try KB41N.

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elmammedi hasna May 10 at 03:11 PM

thank you.

actuallly i have another question related to this; it's about Reporting.

Revenus are considered as statistcs, and when i run S_ALR_87013611.

is there any issue to report them as real revenus.

thanks again

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