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May 09, 2018 at 04:04 PM

Issue on Third Party Order qty change


Hi All,

we are encountering an issue where we have a Sales Order with a third party item this is linked to a Purchase Order. one of the outside ordering tools is designed to split qty on different line items, when there is a qty change or a date change depending on customer requests.

i.e. line item 1 has 10 qty and PO linked to it has 10. on normal scenario, we just change the qty to 9 get a couple warnings and update happens in PO aswell.

in the scenario with the issue.

We update the sales order line item 1 to 9 and add the line item 2 with qty 1. we got the same warnings, but this time PO qty did not update for line item 1. Line item 2 has a new line item on purchase req, and it's pending to create a new PO.

we have already config explained in Note

We will appreciate your help on this