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Former Member
May 09, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Companies stock at various vendor location in France?


Hello Expert,

We have a scenario whereas Company (in U.K) own stock ( i.e. components) are kept at various vendors location in France(through subcontracting), so whenever they gets an order from customer in France, Company informs the vendor to manufacture the final product using the same component and delivers to customers place, Company also have VAT registration number in France,( so plant should be defined there, as we have a plant aboard concept)

How can I address this scenario and keep a track of various components placed at vendors location?

Also, Can you suggest if we need to have define various plants for individual vendor to keep track of Stock or we can have one plant with various storage location for the same?

Or what will be the best approach to handle this scenario as all the above scenario to be included in Intrastat reporting?