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Former Member
Nov 17, 2008 at 10:49 AM

Advice on inserting data at parent level


Hi experts,

I would need some advice on how can I enter data at parent level. As we cannot enter data at parent level I am figuring out different strategies to do so. The one I seem to like the most is to create members representing the parents where we can input the data. For example:

- 2008.Total (Parent)

+ 2008.Generic (Leaf)

+ 2008.Jan (Leaf)

+ 2008.Feb (Leaf)

+ etc....

I would need to do this in different dimensions in my application. So here are the questions:

1) Is there anything wrong about doing this?

2) Is there a better option? (what is the Best Practice in this case?)

3) In the case of doing this for the TIME dimension, there are some properties which value is not easy to set for those members (TIMEID, YEAR and LEVEL). I don't really know where and how those properties are used and the help doesn't help me much (what is the "time format required for Analysis Services"?). So what values have you used in these properties for such members?

Thank you very much,