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Nov 17, 2008 at 08:58 AM

MRP run at plant level for FG's SFG's



I have a peculiar requirement where i am producing a particular sfg (all materials are MTS 40) and keeping it in stock. I am producing this sfg against PIR's. This sfg is used as a component in the BOM of some FG. Now when i get the sales order for the FG, I am running the MRP at plant level for all the materials then, another planned order is getting generated against the PIR of the sfg. The solution for this problem was to run the MD03 (single level MRP) for the FG item but this solution is not acceptable to my client as they run MRP at plant level. How do i prevent the planned order to get generated for the SFG the 2nd time when i run the MRP at FG level?

STEP 1: run md02 for sfg against PIR

2: Keep sfg in stock after producing in production order

3 Sales order for FG

4: run MD01 for all materials

5: problem is that another planned order is getting generated for the sfg which is not required.

How do i overcome this problem?