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ARTMAS IDOC Message mapping in CPI

May 08 at 03:01 PM


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I have to map two segments E1BPE1MARART, E1BPE1MARMRT from ARTMAS(IDOC) to a target structure which is same as the structure like E1BPE1MARMRT(unit of measure) but only extra field Base_UnitOfMeasure. I am able to map all the field from E1BPE1MARMRT to my target structure. The issue is How can I get the BASE_UOM from first segment E1BPE1MARART for matching MATERIAL in from segment E1BPE1MARMRT?

The relation between E1BPE1MARART, E1BPE1MARMRT.

1st segment E1BPE1MARART contain distinct MATERIAL value 2nd segment E1BPE1MARMRT can contain same MATERIAL with different ALT_UNIT.

My target segment match with 2nd segment but only BASE_UOM need to populate which exist in 1st segment.

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2 Answers

Praveen Tirumareddy
May 08 at 03:24 PM

Hello Gerome,

Could you please send an sample source and expected target message so that we can try replicating the same scenario.

thanks and regards,

Praveen T

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May 08 at 09:40 PM

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for replying, I am attaching following sample files

source XSD: artmas09-sample.txt

Target XSD: target.txt

Sample Input XML: artmasdata-sample.txt

Sample Mapping: mapping.png

I am having issue with mapping "/ARTMAS09/IDOC/E1BPE1MARART/BASE_UOM" to "/root/element/baseUOM", because I have to find BASE_UOM from 1st segment E1BPE1MARART that match with each material in 2nd segment E1BPE1MARMRT.



mapping.png (79.7 kB)
artmas09-sample.txt (206.5 kB)
target.txt (1.0 kB)
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