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Nov 17, 2008 at 03:01 AM

Logistic Cockpit


In Logistic Cockpit, I know that we would need to schedule the various jobs so that it will move all the delta into RSA7. i.e. of the following 2LIS DataSource:





1) How do we know what is the job name of each 2LIS DataSource?

2) When new document has been posted/existing trasaction is changed and saved, where exactly this delta is stored in the system/table? This delta will then be picked and transferred into RSA7 right?

3) I see there is Update Mode in LBWE, we have 3 options: Direct Delta, Queue Delta and Unserialised V3 Update. What is different of this? Which one we should use? Does it has any impact to the Job that we schedule for the 2LIS Datasouce?

I know that this is very complicated and difficult but appreciate your help!

Please advice, thank you in advance.