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Nov 15, 2008 at 11:26 AM

Querying multiple Values



I have one question regarding constructing a query with BO DI:

Is it possible to construct a for-loop?

Imagine i want to select rows where Firstname equals '$firstname' and Lastname equals '$lastname'

so i would like to construct something like this

foreach( $names as $firstname => $lastname )


select * from xy where firstname equals $firname and lastname eqauls $lastname


is something like this possible with BO DI wizard?

Otherwise i tried something like




firstname in List (tom,peter,bruce)

and lastname in List (hanks,smith,willis)

but now tom is compared with hanks,smith and willis, and not only with hanks - like i would like to.

i hope you understand what i want to achieve. Is there a way for that in BO DI?

(if i would have access to native SQL, i would do this with JOIN + USING())

Thank you so much

bye attila