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sales order, sales history

May 10 at 10:46 AM


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every item processes through sales orders gets saved to the sales history, is there a way to remove items from sales history or at least block an item on the history from being added to a sales order.

This problem has be caused by sales staff adding the wrong item to a customers order, and I would like to stop them from being able to add it again in the future

Many thanks in advance

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2 Answers

CHRIS FOWLER May 10 at 11:15 AM

When opening a sales order and adding the cutomer name to the name section, i have a sales history button whist lists all of the products that customer has ever bought, I am told that removing the item from sales history is hard to do, but wonder if blocking an item from being added was easier.

for example

Joes sandwich shop (customer) only like reverend brie (product chs123) but a mistake by a new member of staff has previously add chse122 to a previous order, now in sales history we have 2 types of brie available to add to a new sales order, i need to remove chse122 or stop the ability to add this product to the sales order somehow

Many thanks


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Thanks for the explanation

every time you create a new sales order a history is automatically created. adding up item detail in history is system default behavior and removing history is hard to do.

now in your case, you can write a transaction notification that if customer is Joes sandwich and item is chse122, the system will not allow you to add sales order and show you a error message. the error message may be anyting that your team can easily understand. for example - this was a previous mistake and customer wants something else.

or you can change the sql query behind the history button, as when customer is Joes don't show chse122. so when you press history button after selecting Joes as customer the history button' result will not show chse122 as listed item.

Think for future, before going any way around !!!

Hope this helps you !!!


Yeah i like the idea of the second version, blocking the item to be shown for that customer.

Any idea or help or how to achieve this would be super helpful

Many Thanks



if you are not experienced sap business one professional, try consulting your implementation team / support team.

and if you can, try writing a sql query best suited for your requirement


Ranu Vijay May 10 at 11:08 AM


So does one item goes to only one sales order ?

May i know your all criteria for blocking item into new sales order.

You can always use transaction notification in your case to achieve the result.

Thanks !!!

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