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Nov 14, 2008 at 07:21 PM

When previewed, the document do not print the same


Hi everybody,

one of my customers have a problem that drives me nut. It is regarding documents printed by B1 plain. When the document is previewed before being printed, it prints OK. But if printed "directly", using the printer icon or Document Print, then we have problems like:

- a field moves down or characters are bigger so one field partially hide another one

- fileld with is reduced, and contents print on two lines

One of the users there told me"I always preview before printing, because otherwise it does not work right, Isn't that normal ?"

I noticed one thing: when document is previewed before being printed, the name of the document is the name of the PLD format. But it is printed directly, it is, for A/R Invoices, INV20010, this name depends on the patch level.


Gilles Plante