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Nov 14, 2008 at 06:29 PM

Printing differences for certain BP's


Hello Experts,

I have some checks that are printing incorrectly for some BP's

I am using Pre-numbered check stock and for most of the outgoing checks it prints correctly however, for a few of the BP's the margins don't seem to be taken in to account and the information is thusly being printed in the wrong area, over the top of other information.

I have determined that the correct and incorrect BP's are all using the same(correct) PLD template.

All preferences for the BP's are identical.

I've tried every configuration I can think of to get this to work properly, I have even recreated the BP's that are not printing properly with no success.

My next step will most likely be to escalate this issue to the SAP support center, but was hoping maybe someone has run into this before.

Kind Regards,