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Nov 14, 2008 at 06:15 PM

XL Reporter - Advanced Report Builder


Again I have problems to get the results I need in an evaluation using XL Reporter.

This is the code of a row selection with row expansion by customers:

BPA( CardType = "C" And rondot = "Y" ) 
TTY( Code = "ARCreditMemo","ARInvoice","JournalEntry" ) 
FIG( ContraAct = "8600","8601","8602","8640","8648" )  
Group By BPA.CardCode

rondot = "Y" means that only customers marked by the user defined field "U_rondot" are evaluated.

Additionally I have column selections by periode (one column for each month of the year).

I access the sum for each customer per month with function



The expected behaviour is:

Show me for each customer and month the sum of all net amounts booked to account 8600 or 8601 etc.

The actual result is almost as expected but the gross amounts are evaluated, not the net amounts!

The code shown above looks for the specified Contra Account (ContraAct), so the customer code is in ShortName. In this lines in the journal actually the gross amount for the specified customer is booked.

I also tested it with the following code where I changed ContraAct to +ShortName:

FIG( ContraAct = "8600","8601","8602","8640","8648" )

Now the lines in the journal show the net amount booked to the specified account and the customer is shown in ContraAct. But the results of the XL Reporter are now all 0,00! It seems that XL Reporter needs the customer code in ShortName to filter out the customer specified with +BPA( CardType = "C" And rondot = "Y" ) +.

How can I write the request to get only the specified customers and the net amounts booked to the specified accounts?

Can somebody help?

Thank you!

Frank Romei