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Nov 14, 2008 at 03:51 PM

SPICBOOKING: Intercompany Booking Rules


Hi Guys,

I searched a lot for previuos threads, but had no success: that's why I' asking your help.

In order to have a proper Legal IC Elimination we:

1. Wrote a simple Intercompany Booking Rule with one debit and one credit account and loaded Application in order to have suitable data to be eliminated.

2. Created the necessary Script Logic (based on SPICBOOKING Stored Procedure) to be called in a DTS

3. Creted a DM Package

In the Log (DataPackage View Details) we see no data has been generated: Revenues and Costs are still there. In the help we can get:

Intercompany booking rules are split into two independent procedures:

SPICDATA: This procedure can be used to copy the declarations of all entities versus a given entity by intercompany account. Essentially, it concentrates into each single entity the declarations of all other entities versus each entity. This mechanism allows the owners of an entity to run a report matching all its declarations against what the rest of the world has declared against the entity, without the need to assign to each owner read permits into other entities.

SPICBOOKING: This procedure can be used to automatically generate the bookings which will make the intercompany declarations to match. The stored procedure SPICBOOKING is driven by the table called clcBOOKING_.

The following table describes the options for setting up an intercompany booking rule.


What's wrong? Did we miss something?

Did anybody of you used Intercompany Booking Rules successfully?

Can you please share your experience about?

Thanks in advance