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How to send invoices as batches on daily/monthly basis based on the bill to party

Hi Experts,

Scenario 1: Currently business using one output type and manually printing the PDFs sending to the customer. Instead of printing every time, Business want to send the emails to the customer .

My analysis on above task is , I can switch from Medium 1 to 5 (External send) and maintaining the email address in customer master (ADRC table) and change it to output condition records as 05 external send.

Scenario 2 : If 100 Invoices generated,Business do not want to spam them with 100 emails attached with invoices. Can we do them as batches ?

My analysis i can changes Dispatch time as 01:Send with periodically scheduled job

Any additional configuration is require? Please guide me to fulfill the requirement.

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  • KK KK Lakshmipathi Ganesan

    Sure, I tried but i cant see the suitable answers.

  • Please explain why exactly the existing answers are "not suitable". As correctly noted, this has been answered many times on SCN before. I don't see anything special about this question that has not been covered already.

  • The standard SAP answer to this is Invoice List documents. These consolidate Billing documents for customers and send them out according to a billing plan - weekly/monthly or custom time period. You can then send by email with PDF attachments using smartforms or Adobe forms etc. Not sure if this is what you were after.

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