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How to send invoices as batches on daily/monthly basis based on the bill to party

May 09 at 11:17 PM


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Hi Experts,

Scenario 1: Currently business using one output type and manually printing the PDFs sending to the customer. Instead of printing every time, Business want to send the emails to the customer .

My analysis on above task is , I can switch from Medium 1 to 5 (External send) and maintaining the email address in customer master (ADRC table) and change it to output condition records as 05 external send.

Scenario 2 : If 100 Invoices generated,Business do not want to spam them with 100 emails attached with invoices. Can we do them as batches ?

My analysis i can changes Dispatch time as 01:Send with periodically scheduled job

Any additional configuration is require? Please guide me to fulfill the requirement.

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In Google, just type "multiple pdf invoices with one mail+sap" and execute. Different options were discussed in different threads. Take the inputs, try in your system and post here still if you have any issue. Search before posting. If you have searched for answers already, then please make sure your question outlines the steps you took while searching for your answer and what you have already tried to solve this on your own. This way, members will know that you searched and that you were unable to find the answer you were after. You may also want to include screenshots that best describes the topic that your question relates to.

G Lakshmipathi

Sure, I tried but i cant see the suitable answers.


Please explain why exactly the existing answers are "not suitable". As correctly noted, this has been answered many times on SCN before. I don't see anything special about this question that has not been covered already.


The standard SAP answer to this is Invoice List documents. These consolidate Billing documents for customers and send them out according to a billing plan - weekly/monthly or custom time period. You can then send by email with PDF attachments using smartforms or Adobe forms etc. Not sure if this is what you were after.

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