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Fiori App Transport - Standard & Custom Apps

May 09 at 01:33 PM


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Hi All,

I was looking to understand the Fiori app transport process but was getting more and more confused with each answer I read online. So I wanted to as a few questions.

1. How are standard apps transported across systems? One answer suggests that standard apps are not transported but are installed in each system and I find that quite unusual to what I already know about transport standards.

2.The most widely quoted post is from 2014 and I would like to have a more updated answer to how standard, custom , and enhancements to fiori apps are transported. Will this be a SOLMAN based transport in all cases? Or is there more to it that I am missing?

Thank you for your time.



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Gregor Wolf
May 09 at 03:13 PM

Regarding 1.:

SAP Standard Apps are installed in all Front-End Server (FES) by installing the Add-On containing the SAPUI5 application. The same applies for the backend. Where either the main component of S/4HANA or Business Suite already contains the needed OData Services or also an Add-On must be installed. The information which Add-Ons must be installed where can be found in Activating the OData Services on the FES will trigger a transport request when you assign a non local package.

Regarding 2.:

When you enhance applications (OData Service and SAPUI5) and have separate FES and Backend it is a wise idea to use one change document in solution manager that combines the transport of FES and Backend. That way the transports are always in sync.

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Understood. Thank you.