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Can not change zcsa/installed_languages RZ11 while it is dynamically changeable

May 09 at 11:19 AM


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The parameter zcsa/installed_languages is according to information on the RZ11 screen dynamically changeable. When I try to save language characters like DENR (German, English, Dutch an Russian) I am getting an error "Change not possible".

Only when I leave the field empty and I click on save it is accepted. I did this accidentially and now the value for zcsa/installed_languages is blank/empty with the result that my users are getting errors that the language English does'nt exist etc.

I solved this issue by correcting the parameter in the default profile in RZ10 and restarting SAP, but I was wondering if this is a known issue.

It is on SAP Netweaver 7.4 > EHP7 FOR SAP ERP 6.0.

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2 Answers

Bartosz Jarkowski May 09 at 11:44 AM

I think this is a bug. I found SAP Note 2185213 - Configuration of logon languages and profile parameter zcsa/installed_languages, which says this parameter became dynamic as of SAP NW 7.50 (and it's not really needed any longer), however, I checked in my NW 7.40 and the dynamic tick is checked.

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Hi Bartosz,

Thnks for you're answer.

According to SAP note 2185213 it is dynamic from NW 7.5, but indeed in my NW 7.4 the dynamic tick is checked.

But changes are not allowed. The strange thing is that an empty field is accepted and activated. From this moment the system thinks that languages English and Dutch does'nt exist anymore. To correct this situation (no language parameter) you need to restart SAP with the correct zcsa/installed_languages parameter in RZ10. This is not good for customer satisfaction because of unplanned downtime.

Maybe someone from the SAP team can help us.



Can you please inform the SAP kernel release and patch level that is in use?



Isaias Freitas

Hi Isaias,

It is Kernel 745, patch 300.

Thanks in advance.



Isaias Freitas
May 11 at 03:19 PM

Hello Ali,

Thank you for providing the kernel version.

So, this is a tricky one :-).

The SAP kernel 745 can be used with SAP NetWeaver 7.40 and 7.50.

However, the dynamic change of the parameter "zcsa/installed_languages" must be supported not only at SAP kernel level, but also at ABAP level.

RZ11 is telling that the parameter is dynamically switchable, at SAP kernel level...

When you try to change the value, the SAP kernel validates the SAP_BASIS release and it returns that the change is not possible if it identifies that SAP_BASIS is not 7.50.

It is not clear why the blank value was accepted, though.

I could simulate this behavior at an internal test system while using the latest stack kernel (SAPEXE + SAPEXEDB 745 patch 700) and with the latest patch (DW / disp+work patch 720).

I do not work with the component area that the parameter belongs to (BC-I18). I will discuss this thread with colleagues from that area and I will update this thread once I have any news.



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Thanks for you're reply. It would be very nice to inform me about the result of you're conversation with colleagues.