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Last Dunning Level change automatically to first level

Hi All

I have few questions related to dunning-

a) If suppose I have 10 documents at dunning level 1. One more document gets overdue & we run dunning again then why the level is 2 for all 11 documents? Shouldn't it be level 2 for 10 & level 1 for 1 document?

b) If suppose a customers pays at level 2 for 10 open items. Now how to ignore these 10 documents in next dunning run? Do I need to run Tcode-F-52 manually to clear them & ignore for next dunning? I tried this but it didn't worked for me.

c) If suppose last dunning level has reached. Then how come dunning level in customer master will be reset to dunning level 1 automatically during next dunning. I tried this but it remained in dunning level 3 & didn't changed automatically in customer master although last dunned date was updated. I know we can do it manually but we would like to do it automatically.



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1 Answer

  • May 09, 2018 at 12:07 PM

    Hi Pankaj,

    1) In trx FBMP, Menu Bar: Enviroment -> Company Code Data -> By dun.lev checkbox. Dunning by default is for area, not by level

    2) You could set Dunning block for those open items

    3) Dunning level should be cleared if there are no due open items or dunning level is lower.

    Check sap note 545290, 545315

    Kind Regards

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    • Hi Pankaj,

      If the invoice is paid before running Dunning procedure (F150) then it should not appear in the dunning process.

      You could exclude invoices from the dunning process with the dunning block, even if they are due.

      The invoice included in the dunning process will get a dunning level according to the delay. The customer master record will get the highest dunning level achieved in the invoices. The dun letter will inform all invoices due past acording to parameters.

      I don't remember if all the invoices get the highest dunning level achieved or only the ones that acchieved that. You will have to try it.

      Hope this helps

      Kind Regards