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Nov 14, 2008 at 07:24 AM

Income Tax Depreciation-India



You all might be aware To Evaluate the Income Tax Depreciation in Asset Accounting we have got 2 options:-

1. By Adopting Addittional Depreciation Area (Depreciation Area 15 (Depreciation as per Income Tax

Act 1961)

But the problem that I am facing is we have to give 2 Dep Key one for Book Dep & the other for Income Tax Depreciation and I have defaulted the dep keys in Asset Classes but when I am creating the Asset Master the dep key that is inputted for Book Depreciation is automatically copied to I.T Dep Area which is incorrect.

I have activated the Dep keys.

2. Secondly we can use Group Assets to derive I.T Depreciation I have done the necessary settings in OAYM but when Iam creating a Asset Master the Group Asset field is disabled I have checked the settings in AO21 and made Group Asset field optional but still that particular field is greyed out.

We are using ECC 6.0 Version and I have copied COD- 1IN

I just wanted to know whether SAP has withdrawn support for I.T-Depreciation-India if yes can anybody give me a reference note or country version release so that i can intimate the same to the client.