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Nov 14, 2008 at 04:00 AM

Can an off-cycle payroll result deleted without deleting current result?


Hi all,

I want to delete an off-cycle result dated 06.10.2008 without deleting current payroll result.

Is it possible? if yes, what is the tcode or report for this?

To elaborate the need to delete,

Bonus has been paid on 29.09.2008 with correct amount. Due to some reason this record has been over written to 06.10.2008. That's why system is deducting bonus amount paid as per 29.09.2008 from gross salary in the form of /552 - Stat. Net Subsequent adjustment. October payroll has been run and exited. we have found that in many cases, bonus amount has been recovered and net amount mismatches with gross-deduction in the payslip.

We think, if we can delete off-cycle payroll result on 06.10.2008 and correct IT267 as per 29.09.2008, then system will paid back in the November pay run.

Please suggest what is the best way to tackle this scenario?

Suitable answers will be rewarded.