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DB2 LUW not listed in Maintenance Planner

May 08 at 02:49 PM


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I am looking to do a new install of SAP Netweaver 7.5 (SAP PI) on a DB2 LUW database, on AIX 64 bit OS.

In the Maintenance Planner, I have selected:

  • SAP Netweaver 7.5 (SPS 11)
  • AIX 64bit

I can see these listed:

  • DB2 UDB
  • DB2/390
  • DB2/400

but not DB2 LUW.

The PAM and OSS note 1168456 both show that DB2 LUW is supported.

Why can't I see DB2 LUW listed? Do I just need to the the DB2 LUW specific files manually, instead of via the Maintenance Optimizer?

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2 Answers

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Sabine Reich
May 08 at 03:12 PM

Unfortunately, the maintenance planner uses slightly outdated terminology. DB2 UDB is actually DB2 LUW, so this is the option that you need to choose.

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Ah okay. Will do, thank you :-)

Yogesh Patel
May 08 at 03:00 PM
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Hi Yogesh,

Yes, my client has a license for it; they currently have SAP PI 7.3 installed (on DB2 LUW, AIX 64bit).

I am looking to install SAP PI 7.5 on new systems and then migrate the current data and functionality onto the new systems. I am logged onto the SAP Launchpad (Maintenance Planner) using an OSS user ID that my client has given me.


Hello Paul Richardson,

What if you try to select some other products and see if DB is showing in the list?

One more thing is go to SAP Download center and see if this DB is listed under download section to download manually.

If you are not able to see it in direct download section - You need to contact SAP Account Manager for your client

If you are able to see software in direct download and not showing in MP - Please contact SAP

Thank you



If I go to I can see the DB2 LUW folder structure, but no files.

It displays this message:


Customer Information

You have navigated to a point where there are no downloads available for your account.

Possible reasons may be:

  • Missing or incomplete software licenses/data base licenses
  • Restricted availability of several application components

Please report an incident using component XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC and provide the exact navigation path that has led you to this page as well as your S-User you have used for accessing the SAP Software Download Center.


So I will do as it says.

Thank you for your help :-)